Carrying people

Don’t know if this has been suggested, but…

I was playing the other day and a friend suffers connection issues and I thought it would be a good idea if I could carry him into my base, then I thought about carrying off sleeping nakeds to form some sort of slave labour camp.

Anyone think you should be able to pick up and carry your firends / others ?

Will probably be a thing once bdsm cuffs/cage car are in and working.

It would be very cool, you wouldn’t be able to use a weapon though and your speed would be slowed to a walk.

Yeah, completely agree with no weapon and slowed to walking.

I would love a feature like this simply to the example you gave, saving a friend from sleeping in the middle of a field or something.

You know, its not a bad idea but i think there also should be some way to het out of handcuffs or else your entire gameplay would be messed up cause you cant move and have to stay in one guys base till you die

Should the one you’re carrying be allowed to use a gun? A pistol maybe?
If you’re being carried involuntarily you could even smack them with a club if you got it in inventory. This way evil people will have to down you first but due to new mechanic they risk killing you instead. So it’s kinda fair I think.

I presume you mean non sleepers using weapons…

I would suppose it would depend on if they were handcuffed.

I could see injured players being handcuffed, helped up and carried though, would be interesting.