Cars and the new Camper module discussion

Obviously, opinion, just trying to generate discussion around cars.

The new camper module is equally as underwhelming as the rest of the car system, they can be destroyed very easily. If 3 people were to focus the camper with an assault rifle or the M249, it would be toast, with generic 5.56 rifle rounds.

If cars and the car system are going to be very weak, then everything about the system should have a lower level of entry. I think a lower level of entry in general would be beneficial for the system as a whole from top to bottom.

If you are a fresh spawn, there’s currently few reasons to get a car due to needing the lift to lock the car (which even still isnt usually enough, code lock or something of the sort should be considered at this point even if its not “realistic”). Car lift and associated tree should be T1 and potentially even a default BP. More players would be able to learn the lift, and more players would use it either way. I feel like the reason it went this way was due to garage door being T2, needing a garage door to use your “car garage” makes sense, but I think allowing players to plan out a very primitive garage early on, with maybe having to remove the door every time they want to take the car out. Would add a layer to the car system, and would make for many more interesting opportunities and interactions for players.

Obviously, with all that moving around, I think the other parts of the car system should be reconsidered as well, such as the high quality parts moving to T2, but the armor cab still being in T3. The way it is now, only max tiered groups and players can make use of a max quality car, most groups even when presented with the choice will likely learn explosive and PvP related items before they get to the car parts. And that being the case, players likely end up never learning any of the high tier car parts in their time during a wipe.

My opinion: The outcome of taking a harder look at cars and the car system can benefit the quality of the game and experience of the content. It opens up the opportunity for lower tiered players to offer things like taxi cab service or other “role play” aspects of the game. Some might say “oh people do that on PvE servers” but getting a taxi has no purpose on PvE for the most part, but getting a player taxi to quickly take you past the large pesky roofcamping neighbors is something that many players originally thought the car system would allow to exist.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk about cars in rust any opinions is welcome :smiley: