cars, cars everywhere

oh wait…and a bus.

Finally everything is finished.:neckbeard:.Now I should build something other than cars but I can’t make anything flyable because I fail at E2.
Should start learning.

All of them are powered by forcer.
Most of them are ~ 250 props and have steering and suspension (expect the bus).

Jaguar xjs

Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC

           Mercedes-Benz  g500

67 GTO - yeah,it isn’t detailed (doesn’t have those chrome stuff) so I can even drive it in multiplayer so people wont RSO.

…And finished the ford gt and stingray.

Post-apocalyptic van and bus.







I came about 7 times while looking trough OP

Editte: you should use the phx mmref2 (or something) material on most of the cars. It’s very colorable and has the same shinyness as real cars

That stingray is fucking boss. I love it.

Avatar fits


Nice G class, my brother drives the Styr Puch version of it in the military.

I love the drifting in the videos!

What map is that in the first video? Also fucking hot cars mang.

DAMN! Very nice! My favorite is the Mercedes cuz of the emblem. I wanted to make a Mercedes but didnt know how to make the emblem. I might make one. So if i do can i use that idea?

Those are all fucking amazing cars but stingray is always my favourite :smiley:

<3 all of them. Just that debug material… D:

"Cars are boring :downswords: "
Fuck the person who said it

Awesome cars :golfclap:


WTF Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC I got Ninja’d I was making one FUCK

Holy balls man, those are epic.

I’d jizz if you would release that Mercedes.

I would love it if you released that post-apocalyptic van and bus.

Loving it,
How are they powered by forcers?

Atleast from what i know, a wheel with 2 forcers spinning it. This wheel is adv. Ballsocketed to all the 4 wheels.