Cars from F4 menu.

Can someone tell me the code for cars to spawn in the F4 menu? Everything I tried on google doesn’t work.

If you’re talking about making the cars appear in the F4 menu, you’d use this format, assuming you’re using DarkRP.
name = Name_of_vehicle,
model = model,
price = price,
allowed = Jobs_that_can_buy_it, – Optional
customCheck = customcheck – Optional
label = Label_to_show_in_F4_menu – Optional, will use name if not set
distance = 85 – Optional, an offset distance, use when the vehicles are really big and spawn inside the player
angle = Angle(0, 0, 0) – Optional, an offset angle
You can find this and other related concepts for modifying DarkRP here:

Where would I put that?? Would it go in my entities.lua? I don’t have a vehicles tab on my F4, so I don’t think it would work if it goes into my vehicles.lua

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Are you that lazy you don’t even want to try?


[sp]It even says it here[/sp]

I tried it like 2 days ago. It didn’t work. Probably because of my do menu.

Should put in the same place your other entities are bought from, unless darkrp has changed recently.