Cars getting Blown out

How would you make it so that a car has health and when it runs out of health it blows up and becomes unusable?

Ha, coming from you, blown25.


He requested it. He doesn’t understand lua. So he wants to have a code.

Tjis could quite possaably help me ive seen somthing like this some where… where was it???

oh thats right its was in PERP. :slight_smile:

good idea maby some1 can isolate the code from perp and make it work in addon format. ill give it a try if i get time :slight_smile:

Ignore Blown25, hes mad that my server beat his in under 2 weeks. So he follows me anywhere I go in FP.

Great 2 know.

well i dont steal stuffs, and you are mad cuz im trying to help you while your trolling in my threads, and sending me pm’s of WHINING cuz i beat your ass.


lol thats coming from someone that steals gamemodes and players from people and whines via pm’s on facepunch.

this is just awful


dont bring that up now… he will whine like a babyärs :S

Soflow and Blown25 are the same people. He does this on any thread.
They are posting within minutes of each other, with the same type of grammar.

Please stay on topic

funny enough how you can “imagine” that…