Cars in rust?

I’ve been seeing some wonderful updates on cars on the dev-blog just wondering if or when they are going to be in the game? Is he just working on the models?

They shouldn’t be too far off now.

Personally, all I want is a couple more sniper-friendly features. Scopes, ghillie suits.

I think a scope would break the game, anyone on an open plain would be OP

Disagree completely.

People said the same thing about SOOO many other things in Rust (and in other games) before they were introduced, and made it sound like the sky was going to fall. In the end, all was well.

I saw several threads the last few weeks that were anti-car, as a matter of fact, claiming “cars would break the game.” But here you are asking for them.

Trust the developers to introduce scopes in a balanced way. That’s their job. Scopes haven’t broken any other game - why would they break this one? Makes no sense.


Scopes & Silencers were in Legacy, I expect them here

Scopes are the last great hope for the solo player, without scopes we solo’s are just meat on the hoof waiting for the ranchers to slaughter us

Rust: Road fury
Starring: Garry

Doesn’t even look like they working on models yet, so far it has only been concept art.

My guess (Which could be totally wrong), is that we won’t see them for a fair few months. There are a lot of balance considerations with them and there will probably be quite a lot of coding work for getting them into the game and working properly in multiplayer (Assuming they don’t already have prototype vehicle code working already)

I’d keep an eye on the progress of the cars in devblogs, if they are anything like other new structures/items, they will probably show off actual models and videos of them in action when they get closer to release.