Cars making you fly up in the air and outside of the map

I went out of the car and it flung me thousands of miles away from my car :frowning:

top kek

I hate that the devs are testing such a feature to this extend all the time.

I would rather have them working on core mechanics then on cars noone really needs in this game.

Its just another feature that makes the whole game worse since the core gameplay of survival is not developed atall.

Well we maybe could organize car race with this :smiley:

This happened to me also. Had to suicide to get back. I had a ton of stuff in my inventory also as I was moving to my “secret” base.

Also happened to me.

There is cars wut?

I hope there’s plans for multiple tiers of vehicles, ranging from shitty agricultural equipment and ending with something like an APC.

Can you even move there? :open_mouth: