Cars or Horses?

Do people really want cars in the game? Truly think about it. It just seems so out of place for Rust and I feel Horses would be a much better alternative. Let me know what you guys think!

ohh…good question. Cars should be extremely difficult to re-build, maintain, then there is gas. . .horses, on the other hand, shouldn’t be easily obtainable, should have to feed them, they should have stamina, and a stable mechanism, but I like the idea.

I mean I’m sure they could find a sensible way to put cars in the game but, I don’t know if I’d want them to. Horses seem much more interesting and you could have a lot more possibilities with them. Everything from taming them to keeping them healthy, to naming them and equipping them with makeshift armor. I personally rather see horses.

Can you stop flooding the forum for every 1 idea you have?

I am working on a thread for suggestions for the game and trying to find out what people like and dont like. We should be trying to make the game better, not complaining and bitching.

Why can’t both be added?


i think they should have horses and bikes and old mortorcycle

bikes sure but no vehicles with engines imo, map too small

i dont think cars belong in rust because the OP Clans will have alot of cars then raiding will be so easy for them + the map is to small i think horses are actualy a good idea but they need food, shelter and they can get stolen

We are only playing on about a quarter of the map currently, the final version should have much more room to move around.

WTF? Horses? Someone saw the first episode of Walking Dead apparently. How much do you know about horses? Name 10 countries in the world with free roaming horses that you’d be able to find and use. How do you breed and feed them? How do you train them?

Horses are a ridiculous concept. Not realistic to this setting at all. Kind of like Fallen Earth… it was out of place.

With a bigger map cars would be perfect but the road just goes in a circle and it doesn’t split off anywhere. Horses would be perfect until they get a larger map for vehicles.

can i craft a horse?

  1. Oh yes I suddenly decided to watch the walking dead and for the first time a saw a horse and though “i dont know what those things are but they should be in Rust”. I also saw the weather channel for the first time and thats how i got my seasons idea.

  2. Horses are found on every single continent except Antarctica. And you would be able to “find and use” any horse.

  3. You wouldn’t be able to breed them that would be ridiculous, and you would feed them tall grass that you can find oh i dont know maybe everywhere on the map.

  4. The game supposedly takes place in Russia. WHERE HORSES ROAM FREELY IN THE WILD. In my personal opinion cars would be out of place. But that is an argument for another day.

Also before you make a comment know what you’re talking about. It would do us all a favor.

Right. Feed a horse some random tall grass, and the horse would be dead. Horses require years of experience in handling, breeding, and nutrition. You can’t just “have” a horse. You can’t just venture into the wilderness and come out with a horse.

I know exactly what I’m talking about. I live in Colorado where plenty of friends and family OWN and RAISE horses.

As for your comment about cars vs horses in Russia (which I don’t think the end result setting will be on release)… you’re insane. Have you not seen how many people drive cars in Russia. For some reason a huge percentage of them even film their driving. Just search YouTube with “Russia and dash cam”.

This is a video game. You obviously can’t put in mechanics that are exact replications the their real-world counterpart. The game would be impossible and extremely unenjoyable. Also you don’t know what you’re talking about. Horses natural diet is grass. Grass has all the nutrients a horse needs to be healthy. Obviously taming the horse would be the hard part. You would have to break and and feed it in order for it to be compliant. This isn’t horse simulator 2014. It is a cool game mechanic that could be implemented.

That is an extremely dumb point. Obviously there will be cars in urban areas. But this is the wilderness. There are about 22 people per square mile on average. Less in the wilderness which makes up most of Russia. Either way countries all have their uninhabited areas where cars dont just naturally live. What the fuck are you even talking about.