Cars? Releasing tomorrow?

I heard the cars are being released tomorrow is it true? and if so does anyone have a estimate on what it will take to make so i can get ready


This is where you will find everything about future updates and changes.

heaps of people say it is tomorrow and no one here has actually said when it is. which is what i am actually looking for

There is no published schedule for development of content, other than is Trello (TP_MoonStar already posted the link above).

If its not in the “Next Version” column, it’s really not likely to be released tomorrow. Furthermore, I doubt anything will be released tomorrow, because the last patch was only last Friday.

If it’s not in the “Next Version” column, there’s no date on when it’s happening, period.

If it’s in the “Next Version” column, then it’s whenever the next patch is planned for, and that date will be announced by the devs when they know.

So, no cars, the hype train stops here.

Cars would be so shit in rust

Cars are already in it. Can’t wait for 4x4 with dudes on the back shooting the innocent :wink:

Lets throw away the awesome survival shizzle and put cars in it…

No more walking… just cruising around with your car?

I’d really dislike that to be honest…

Unless it’s a SUPER huge amount of resources, like uber hard or something.

Just doesn’t make sense at all… You’re having a wooden house and a car next to it in the middle of the bush… seems legit :3

That’s simply what i think.

Untill you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere and till you get enough resources to craft new fuel your car has been stolen… :wink:

That’s progress. Have you any idea how big this map is?

How can you have M4’s and not cars?

Weapons are just some extra things to improve PVP.

The map isn’t that big if you ask me, specially not if you have 60+ players on a server.

How would you actually create a car… There are no real resources for that.

It’s just my thoughts, i dislike it. I enjoy having pain in my finger because of pressing SHIFT to run around all the time, it’s annoying but it feels like you’re actually doing something.

With your vehicle you’ll just cruise around, ram deers and look for players to ram over.

Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

No. The part of the map you play on is 5% of the total map. It takes around 2 hours to run the distance of the map.

Just an idea for those who think the road area is “the map”. I have traveled across the map from +6000m to -6000m both north/south and east/west. The road area is less than 2000x2000. There is so much map that many don’t know exists.