Cars spin out of control

Hey guys,

So recently whenever trying to drive cars, they’d work fine for a bit, and then at random times when I turn (even just a tap on the strafe keys) it would spin out of control (not ridiculous spinning, but annoying spinning which makes me turn 180 degrees)

Sorry if this is a bit vague, but there’s not really much to it. I’m just getting annoyed by it cause it won’t let me drive anything. If anyone could supply a solution, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Are they HL2 cars or SCars or something?

shit vehicle script

Sorry for my late response.

It is the default HL2 cars and any vehicles that are based off it. Not sure about SCars though, they’re always wonky. It’s not anything in my addons folder, I can guarantee you that, but it might be an addon which was installed not using the add-on format (which is only a few). Are there any server cvars that change vehicle controls/settings, etc. ?