Cars stay after disconnect.

My current car system(I paid for it):
Npc one is the “Car Dealer” and has 4 cars. You click the car, select y/n, it takes cash and then it is placed into your garage.
Npc two is the “Garage” and will hold the previously bought cars. You can spawn one car at a time at a price of $100 per spawn.

Problem is, once the user disconnects his car is staying in the map… Does anyone know why this is happening?

Don’t you have to use MySQL or something? Make sure that’s setup correctly.

If its spawning as a world prop it will stay forever.

Can you post the code please…

If he doesn’t have an auto deletion for players props they will stay. This kid just needs an auto delete script or addon. You don’t need the code.

For starters they are entities. I do need the code to see the correlation between the entity and the player so when a player disconnects I see how to check and assure that the car I am looping through is actually that players car, and most people on this forum aren’t competent enough to find that information without over-complicating things, so I would rather take the liberty and do everything in 2-3 posts rather then 6-9.

The car is still a prop, you can call it an entity all you want. Whatever he’s spawning this vehicle as he’s probably calling it a world “entity” as you would say.

Dear OP, You must post the code that spawns the vehicle or we can not help you.

They’re called Entities, not ‘Props’. A prop is a KIND of entity. Refer to it as such to avoid confusing people, and to avoid looking like an idiot to those who know better.

Now that i understand what you said (Cause objects are called Entities, not ‘props’), it would make sense that its not being removed if the vehicle isn’t setting an owner. I don’t know much about the ownership of entities, as I’ve never fussed with it, so i can’t be of any help on the issue other than covering the obvious.

I believe this is why zzaacckk asked for the code OP is using.