so i was watching Summit1G & Exile’s Rust LiveStream the other day, when they were driving around in cars, i was kinda interested to know if the DEVs plan to add CARS in the future?
that would be pretty cool to have!
thanks for reading this post!

I think it would be cool if you could create a bicycle!

I think next time you think about making a post you should maybe look past the first page and see if there’s a thread already on the subject.

I agree xD I hope the cars aren’t like the dev cars tho :P. People are hating because I want the game to be on the lines of realistic but whatever :P. But ya maybe like rusty cars and you have to find car batters for old rusty cars and you can upgrade their protection. But I feel like they need to expand the map A LOOOOOOT to be able to add cars and not have there be total madness in densely populated servers.

I think they need to tone down cars, make them look worn, rusted, but useable. I also think they need to make them really hard to find/make and maintain. This game would be not as fun and less of a survival game if you saw everyone with a car.

Cars may not even be included at all, right now it just looks like they’re dicking around with people in good fun. Can’t blame em really.

They should make the model something like this

imagine bicycles roadkilling zombies. HILARIOUS!

car would be something very useful, but if you could always grab one and go running over everything and everyone, the game would lose its meaning.

It would be nice to run in the car you would need to “Fuel” which you can find out there to put in the car, and you should be careful with the fuel because if you walk up much fuel could end.

Besides taking care of not hitting it should not, because it could break the car.

imagine bicycles roadkilling zombies. HILARIOUS!²

Agreed, cars are overrated. Bikes would be nice.