I think having cars or at least riding a horse or having a boat in rust is cool and i’m looking forward to it. But i think garry and this team should start working on something like a garage after that… How cool would it be if you can really personalise your car and model. I dream of having like spray cans with which you can make your own thingy really shine out. Spikes and explosives to be placed on tour car too raid big bases and deployable turrets too shoot your enemies…

Whats your opinion on this?

The stuff you want to do should be mostly possible without a garage, and since you can already build structures there’s really no reason to implement this at all. It’s totally redundant.

However, yes, painting your car to look like its on fire, or a giant dick is going to be a great aspect of the game as well as the modular system they have planned for the cars themselves.

I disagree. You would have to have something to keep other Players or even nakeds drom jacking your car while you’re at home. Another option would be to have the Keys of your cars with you before anyone can drive it…

Keys maybe, but I guarantee you that this game will not have a ‘fool proof’ way to keep your car safe. That literally goes against the entire design of the game and if you expect such things you will be in for much disappointment.

Engine start code similar to what we have on doors, this should be an upgrade from a basic hot wire/sparking technique or keying method.

Ive made the suggestion of at least garage doors and ramps for vehicles to be placed inside of bases. I think this would be a good solution rather than a whole garage type of building component.

Also the gate solution would look pretty badass, and would let us shout “open the gates!” for dramatic effect.

I created that image in my head, I liked that image.