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I was thinking about cars lately and I thought of way to make them less OP.
Cars only go fast on roads and will slow down on the grass and some cars with small tires will get stuck in the sand. Only big tired cars can travel on the sand. Cars cannot travel over mountains; they will have to go around. They can be power off of low grade fuel.

Cars dont make anysense atm since the maps are really small, themaps are to crowded. Bigger clans will have no problems with raids and this would really do fuck with the single players at the current state.

Of course you could balance them, but i could see myself folowing the street and go on raiding Deluxe tour

The only vehicle I would like to have in the game now is a kind of train.
It’s convenient, you can climb in, recharge it to get it going, but we can not go anywhere with just follow the rails already installed.

I dont get why people would like cars in a game like rust… seems boring as f… id rather ride a horse.

Or a war boar !

CAR Accident

if they add cars into the game and putting land mines all around my house so I could listen to some dumbass blow up in my front yard when they pull up lol.

I wonder what the fuck this game is turning into.

Totally Agree, WTF is this game turning into !!!

Npc train that rolls around the map you could hop on and catch a rides have it stop for a minute in each town.slow train could be good. Or faster one have a car that hold loot idk could make it interesting. Horses, bicycle something would be good

NPC train is so cool :smiley: Fuel by player ! :slight_smile:

I abhor the idea of cars in rust. Now i think that being able to saddle the horse would be fine as long as when I kill someones horse they take fall damage = to the velocity of which the horse is traveling.

There was some concept art for cars a few months ago, so it seems like something that is planned or was at least considered fairly recently.

The great train heist. Holy shit. Rob a God Damn train and jump off a bridge into some water. That would be awesome.

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Think: Mad Max kind of vibe. It would be pretty cool. We just need much bigger maps. But before vehicles or bigger maps, we need optimization so that the game can handle the big maps.

I want a bicycle… seems reasonable… doesnt it? and a bell for the bike so everybody can hear me come around at 10mph, with a shotgun, at night.

Like the bike in Heros & Generals
Best bike in game ever, has bell and can be mounted by 2 peoples

I think that cars are a good idea. Very much looking forward to. Do you know the approximate time of release?
Thank you for the reply.****

You should be able to shoot certain pieces of the car to disable it. Shooting the tires would lessen handling, shooting the engine would disable it completely, etc.

Nice vocabulary sir, I have never heard abhor before

to be expected given his choice of name;)

guys, i’m pretty sure cars are no more confirmed than radios and generators. there is concept art exploring it, but nothing else really.

In my mind cars would probably require a lot of different parts making them difficult to build. They’d be noisy as fuck so everyone would know exactly where you were, meaning you’d lose them pretty quickly to a good shooter. If you didn’t lose it driving around anyone with any awareness at all would know where you were parking it and would just offline raid you for it.
Between all those things it seems pretty balanced really.

What advantages would a car really give you? you’d get around quicker and you could run people over if they were out in the open or completely deaf. Perhaps a “chest” in the back would make it a little more useful.

As long as it didn’t prevent a signifigant amount of damage and didn’t have a m249 mounted to the roof it probably wouldn’t be too OP; if at all. The noise alone would be a pretty big disadvantage, every bolt action for half a click away would be aiming for your head.

motor cycles would be equally cool and a little more practical in terms of mobility and parking but without the extra storage and protection. Same with horses, obviously one would eat low grade fuel and the other would eat… horse meat, because it’s rust and he’ll eat what you fucking tell him to.

Bicycles would be slower than dirt bikes or horses and use your hunger bar instead of fuel, but would be much easier to craft and the quietest option, perfect for solos.

That’s how I’d do it. I don’t think it would be OP at all, even as a solo player. Ultimately they’d just be one more thing you could make that people would steal from you while you were offline. Especially cars, because they’d provide the extra storage your attackers would need to effectively clean you out.

I think for all of this to work however we need more unique crafting items. Like, way more. Pipes, chains, small engines, springs, glass, light bulbs, circuitry, cables, hoses, bolts, sprockets, belts, pulleys, gears and probably lots of other things. Make them things that you can only find in crates in rad towns. This would make rad towns a lot more relevant after the xp system makes them useless and make it so that building them is more epic than just grinding a bunch of HQM like all the other top tier stuff currently is.

Frankly I think all the gear should work that way. Bolts and AKs would be a lot more special if you had to find the right parts to make them. It’d also be nice to see a crude welding system, perhaps a torch tool that needs to be on your hot bar and make propane tanks a “material” type item you find in barrels and crates so you can use them to craft all those things that are obviously welded together. I know it’s a video game and I know realism is over rated but it’d be a really nice balancing tool to make all that top tier shit a little less common. If bolt actions were special maybe the other guns would have a purpose.

This is getting really off track, I’m going to stop now.

TL;DR Cars would be hella raid bait. you gotta park it somewhere after all. I approve of this idea.