Hello. I played in rust already 600+ hours and it was quite fun.
I think we need carts, with like 30 extra slots.
U can equip them like a map and pull while pressed a key, and also u could decorate them with wood signs and etc. I think it would be pretty good improvement in rust game experience.
Post your ideas about it below, please.

God, tower campers would love that. Big obvious slow moving target who obviously just spent an hour farming.

Or better still, it’s empty and you just pop every moron who walks out into a field to check what’s in it. Take their shit and put their skull on the cart so that the next guy dumb enough to approach the empty cart knows he’s fucked just a little too late.

But sure, yeah, why not? I fully support this.

This can create caravans or convoys that need to be protected. Cool idea, don’t know how it would work though. This is the same problem with cars, the movement would take lots of work. Judging by the movement of animals I don’t think cars, carts, etc are coming any time soon.

I would like to see a small shack on a cart made with 300 wood. How nice an experience to be locked inside a shack being rolled in a big group’s compound by the big group!

Yes, shaped like a giant wooden rabbit!

Well it would be nice just to be able to pck a bag up with extra slots

simple really