Cartoon molotov swep

My first weapon!!! It’s basicly a molotov with cartoony graphics. You throw it, then it explodes into firerynes. Tell me what you think of it. Here is the link to it.

Here is a link to a picture of it.

I hope you enjoy it. Post comments on how I can improve it.

EDIT: I forgot to say its a reskin and it might replace the original, thats why I’m making v2 which will not replace it!!

Edit Edit: In version 3 I will make custom fire effects.

An reskin of HL2 beta molotov.
Improve making custom Cartoon fire effects.

Thank you for reskinning this for us, luckily we can just use the original while still getting the nice same affect. Only that thar isnt annoying colors like you have done.

It’s not your weapon if you change the colours on the view model.
Sheesh, first 5 second sweps, now 5 second reskins.

Doesnt look cartoony at all. Looks more like MSPaint puking over a great SWEP.

Thanks for stealing…


You could at least have asked for permission or inform me that you are going to edit it…

its dumbass shit like this that fucks up dowload sites.

I agree with Matsilagi, make it all actually look cartoony instead of re-skinning someone else’s work.

A word of advice, that has been said many, MANY, times.

Do NOT release your first SWep.

This is a outrage!

Douche move dude

It’s not even cartoony… It’s just painted.

yes…yes it is…

(secretly watches thread to see what happens)

really though, why did you steal battlepope’s hl2 beta molotov?

He didn’t steal battlepope’s molotov, he stole Pac_187’s molotov.
Unless ofcourse Battlepope stole Pac’s.

And of course Pac stole the model from some guy who stole it from some guy who stole it from Valve. :smile:

holy…i have a headacke…

on a serious note, why did so many people steal so many things…

But atleast Pac made the LUA code :keke:

I stole nothing.

That means that OP stole Pac’s molotov, then.