Carve isnt that bad.

if you want to carve a square into a square, its fine.

its faster. it doesn’t problems for me.

if you dont agree, say why?

and dont say use clip. i use it sometimes, but most of the time, i get extra brushes when i use clip and less when i use carve.

You’re clipping wrong.

Make sure to change what you have selected after you clip, to avoid clipping things that dont need to be.

idk if u can carve square


I would post a facepalm picture, but I’d get banned.

It’s just not good. Don’t use it.

I can do it quicker with clip. You need to make additional brush, size it, move it inside the other brush, then carve it. Takes way longer.

Assuming you mean making a cube into a cube… why not just make the cube that size originally? Cut out a whole process?

I thought it became ‘legal’ to post that.
Or were the people who posted it just avoiding the Mods?

In b4 3kliksphilip.

Vertically clip LIKE THIS | |

And then Horizontally clip on that ONE brush

Just get over it, dude.

if carve is so bad then why did valve even make it?

Read this:
You need never use the carve tool again. The clipping tool is the best way to cut any brush. You have exact control over it, so any problems are your own fault, and not the editor itself being stupid.


To piss off people who know what they are doing? I think they made it as a shortcut originally, but it’s just too damn buggy to use most times.

It’s left over from the original WC editor on which hammer is based. Your only point is nullified, carve sucks, I win.

Eating a poisoned cake isnt that bad thing.

Carving a cuboid into another is fine as long as it is just that, otherwise don’t do it.


Carve will cut it based on what it believes is the best way.
You on the other hand, will cut it in the way that is the best for the situation you’re having.

Lets say you want to cut out some windows in a wall. Well, First you’d cut The wall in 3 parts. Then split the middle parts to add the windows. Carve will not do that, it will just cut a hole in the wall dissregarding the other parts of it, making it harder to resize when the wall is done.

I meant it’s fine as long as you don’t care about the way it cuts it, cuboids on cuboids don’t create microbrushes, so that is the only “problem” caused by them. I usually just make a brush with the shape I want to “carve” where I want it and then use the clip tool with that brush as a reference.

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I carve cylinders into boxes with no problem. You guys are all over reacting.

May god help you.