Is carve bad to use in any situation? If I had a hexagon shape and I wanted to cut a hexagon out the middle, is it ok to do this using carve? Same as if I had a long path and wanted to cut an indent out of it, is that okay?

I understand carve shouldn’t be used to carve out connections between buildings etc where the map may leak, but what about detail?

Carve usually creates unecessary and Hammer-breaking microbrushes and compiling errors, use the Vertex manipulation tool instead to move the vertices of several brushes in place to form a hexagon with a hole in it.

Ok thanks I’ll do that :slight_smile:

So to create a hexagon, is it okay to use clipping tool. It will leave multiple blocks that could be one, but does that matter? Or do you end up with the same effect as carve?

EG: Like this:

Clipping tool is fine as long as you’re slicing convex shapes. (don’t make concave geometry).

A quick example I threw together, using the Vertex Manipulation tool push those highlighted vertices on the first image. Push them away from the opening.[/thumb]

Also I would turn brushes 1+2+3+4 into a func_detail (CTRL+T).
Always func detail brushes used for decoration as opposed to blocking visibility, it will save you from nightmarish compile times.


That’s a lot of geometry, you’re wasting a lot of brushes on such a simple shape. Try laying them out like this:


Carve is okay as long as you only use it in simple situations such as splitting brushes or shaving off a corner to make a ramp.
Do not try to make any kind of complex geometry with it, the result will be DISASTROUS.

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Also this.

So this example is using carve? But just using it effectively rather then wasting brushes?

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This is my cuts so far - I used the clipping tool to make lots of cuts, they re-did those cuts once I had the basic shape to make it neater…

That’d be vertex manipulation right there, you’d move the brush’s corners until they create the shape you’re looking for:[/thumb] [thumb]

(From Interlopers, simple example…)

Edit: Hell, Even the Arch tool is more brush-efficient than cutting them up:

What is up with your brushes there?
Look just upload a copy, ill fix it for you.

Right, I think I understand what you’re saying. So you create rectangles and move the corners so they match up with the others as in your first example?

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As far as I can tell, there’s nothing majorly wrong with it except that I’ve got an extra brush at each corner, that could be made into a single split.

Delete the corner brushes and use vertex tool to edit the brushes into the right shape.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I’ll do that.