Most, if not all, mappers can agree that carving is bad and that it’s the worst tool in Hammer. If a brush is carved and stretched, some of the sides will go off-grid, making microleaks. However, after some testing, I’ve found that carving is in fact okay, IF the situation meets 2 standards.

  1. There cannot be any kind of clips/brushes that aren’t cubes. All brushes have to be square/cubic/rectangular.

  2. You MUST UNGROUP the carved brush, otherwise you’ll get the offgrid sides when you stretch/resize it.

If it’s hard to tell, those numbers are 64, 256 and 512, all 2^.

You’re probably saying, “But Pyth, why go through that trouble when I can just make 4 brushes?”. You can, of course, I’m just showing that carving isn’t as bad as everyone says.

tl;dr: Carving is alright if used right.

edit: 2017 holy shit i can still edit this

When carving a rectangular hole in a wall, it cuts horizontally even though in most cases, a vertical cut would be the neater option. Sometimes you do want a horizontal cut, and in that case I suppose there’s nothing wrong with carving the hole.

Going offgrid applies to pretty much every group of brushes you resize, which is why that is a bad idea. Not related to carve at all.

That’s why there’s the clip tool. :downs:

Clipping is quicker. For a start you don’t have to measure out another brush and position it correctly.

Measuring out the brush and pressing a button is faster than selecting the brush, selecting the clip tool twice or thrice or whatever to make it not delete fucking everything, measuring out your clip, pressing enter, doing it again, deselecting the brush and selecting the smaller brush and the clipping that, and finally selecting and deleting the parts you don’t need.

Clippity clip clip. Carving saves almost no time what-so-ever in the very few instances it is okay.

Which is why you should use the vertex tool when “resizing” groups of brushes.

Finally someone realises that the the carve tool isn’t the devil.

I rather use the alternative methods, just to be sure.

shift+drag/resize and/or clipping is a lot easier and faster.
i don’t know why carve is still an option in hammer.

OP makes a good point that people should be aware of but this thread can only lead to arguing.

Agree if this should be locked to save time.

Also using the selection scope buttons you don’t need to ungroup, just go a level down to objects and you can manipulate each brush seperately and then go back to selecting them all in a snap with grouped mode.

But he said UNGROUP the pieces before you resize.

For me, it’s really not about the quality of the tool. Carving isn’t all that bad, but it isn’t the best option. Why risk the leaks and such. Clipping is safer, and gives more control. I just don’t want to do Carve, then having to go through it and make sure everything is okay.

Yes, finally someone else uses still carve, Clipping+Vertex isn’t always the faster way, there are enough situations where clipping would take way more clicks! :slight_smile: By the way, you don’t need to ungroup anything, you can just use the “Solids” or “Objects” selecting method.

I find clipping very neat and nice that’s why I use it even tough I used to carve holes in blocs to make rooms.

I can clip quicker than I can drag out a second brush and click carve.

I find clipping to be neater and more efficient. Even if it is a bit tedious when you accidentally delete something, you are at least safe from leaks most of the time.

Inb4 standard neutral response to the word “carve” without second thought given to either the OP or any other post.

Congratulations you are now as smart as a spambot.