Case Study Maps

For those of you who dont know of the Case Study houses:

For those of you who do know and want to have a little challenge:


On the above linked website, they hold the blueprints and multiple pictures for the 36 case study houses. Lets have our own little challenge and recreate each house!


  1. The map can only contain the house and terrain it resides upon.

  2. The map can be made with any engine and any game available to source sdk.

  3. The map can only be made with textures default to source sdk.

  4. After looking through the list, you can claim what house you want to work on below and you have 2 months to produce a map. After that time, if you have not completed the house, that house may be claimed by another.

  5. If you are going to claim a house, please put some effort forth and make it detailed.


Any questions?

I want to enter. But this rule makes me stay away.



Maybe :smug:

I guarantee this will fail.

All of the source engine’s textures are aged, worn and damaged materials, these are modern, sleek buildings. It just wouldn’t work.


That’s why you need custom textures.


I have to agree.

Ten source SDK textures do the work of like one Custom Texture.

forgive my i had no idea that custom textures were so sought after.

That rule was intended to make the mappers but forth more effort in detail. These buildings are quite small and that link provides detailed floor plans.
It would be possible to finish one in about 3 days of decent mapping.

But if you want to use your own textures, go ahead. This was just ment to spark creativity and enlighten the mapping community about some wonderful buildings.

Any issues with this?

How would no custom textures “spark creativity and enlighten the mapping community?”

Generate new methods of brush work to compensate, but enough of that. Pretty much if you like the buildings, why not make it?

You aren’t going to win in this fight, so just let people use custom textures.

completely understood and about 4 posts up i said its ok to use them. This thread was simply showing some buildings that in my mind would really be souce sdk works of art.

All these houses are from 40s-60s. I want to make modern stuff, with moving walls and shit.

Modern houses have moving walls? Where?!

Looks like a shithole if you ask me.

Repetitive textures.

I think that looks nice but the shadows would never work in the source engine :confused: