Cashflow - L4D2 survival map adds a new level of gameplay depth

This is a concept I’ve created a long time ago and now I found the time and will to create a map for it.

The plane - it appears at random times, at random angles, flies over the map and drops gascans at random positions. Random.

The vending machines - 14 of these are scattered around the map. Each one offers different items. You can use gascans on the gas-nozzles to purchase the current offer on the screen, upgrade it to make the next offer available or gamble and let fate decide whether you’ll get the double amount of the current offer or absolutely nothing. After deploying goods vending machines need some time to cool down.

The upgrade machines - use gascans here to make that little arrow rise to the top. After three times you successfully upgraded one of the new gameplay features. There are six upgrade machines.

The ammo dispensers - for only one gascan you can refill your ammo until the time’s up and the ammo unaccessible again (ugly model will be redone later). Six are placed around the map.

Moustachio’s Cola Of Fortune machines - “Oh hey, I found useless cola bottles! Oh hey, a machine where I can spend cola bottles on a randomly chosen event that’s either good or bad!” There are six of them hidden in the map (model will be made smaller and renamed to “Moustachio’S Cola of Fortune”).

Construction sites - There are six of them (surprise!) and when you throw one gascan, one cola sixpack, one oxygen tank, one propane tank and one fireworkscrate into it, it’ll build/upgrade a fortification (including mounted guns).

Barricades - why are there six instances of everything? Because the map is split into six districts which’s borders are blocked by different barricades which you have to remove by using a gascan on them.

Basically, that’s how it works! Since there is so much more to do, there will be a slower progress of zombie appearance. So what hell used to be unleashed after five minutes will here take like 25 minutes.

Here’s an example what distances you must travel sometimes to reach gascans landed in unfortunate places:

Now let’s talk about the map:

Overview of the map (red lines = borders of playable area):

This map is all about gameplay! Of course it should look nice but it’s big, it’s open and there’s vertical gameplay, so you get to see roofs and stuff. This means it won’t be very detailed, there won’t be many interiors and some people won’t be satisfied, but that’s how this map works.

Problems that still remain:

  • Construction sites don’t work right now. More about it here:
    [del]- I need to edit some textures and models but I can’t find them in the VPK/GCF files.[/del]
  • There’s a shitload of possible console variables which can change gameplay elements. I wanted to change them via the Cola of Fortune machine. Unfortunately they cannot be triggered by a point_servercommand without sv_cheats 1 so I probably have to invent less spectacular events that will happen
  • I have no clue whether the point_servercommand entities that I used to make the player say something in the chat work as intended. They get an input with the “say [somethingyouwanttosayhere]” parameter but I don’t know if only the player who activated something will say it or all players. I tried using point_clientcommand but nothing appears in the chat.
  • The skybox will be a problem. It must be big/high enough to make the plane disappear but it mustn’t be too high either since the map is supposed to be a smaller town without skyscrapers and other high buildings.

Now why did I post it here? Not only because the map is open world and quite useful for Gmod (which is why I will clean it and convert it to Gmod once it’s done), I also need help.
Here’s a list of things I need help with, sorted by how much help I need with from “much” to “almost none”:
[del]- Detailing everything[/del]

  • Creating and implementing .nut scripts to give the map it’s needed pace
  • Everything related to audio other than playing a non-custom WAV almost silently via ambient_generic
  • Navmesh creation and optimization
  • performance optimization (like areaportals)
  • Creating a mission file, packaging and shipping

The most of it doesn’t matter until everything is detailed (I can’t even place the vending machines and other important stuff until it’s done) so I’m looking for one or two people who’d like to help making good looking buildings out of dev-textured blocks. This will be done with the help of instances, so I can puzzle together the city without waiting for the other mappers to do their edits.

That is a lot to take in.

That is fucking awesome.

Sounds like Call of Duty Zombies, except way more complicated.

I like it a lot. Very ambitious, very cool.

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It’s a shame I’m a terrible mapper and wouldn’t be able to help out with the buildings.

That seems like a really awesome concept. I really hope you finish it.

That is really cool I’d Download L4d2 again just to play it :v:

I’ve had an idea similar to this ever since L4D2 released, and I never got around to releasing anything

this is really cool what you did, and you have such neat ideas and executed them better than I could of, but dang that makes me disappointed in myself for not moving it forward

I remember seeing this on youtube like a year ago, happy to see it getting worked on!

Keep Working On This.

seriously, i would love this to become a finished product, it might be the one survival map i play frequently.

I sauced myself.

The concept sounds like fun. Seems like a welcome change to the known L4D gameplay.

I’m glad you like this concept. I’ve been working on the mall:

I got to work on the lights a bit more. Also note: the clock really works! It shows the time you’ve been spending on the map.

Unfortunately, it now takes 45 minutes to compile (fast settings) where it took 15 minutes two days ago.

Does really no one would like to help? I don’t expect Valve quality, hell no! My buildings are fairly simple designed:
I even copied the storefront in the last picture from the first level of No Mercy. Also a clean look is all I need for now. Zombies, blood, debris, destruction, … will be added later.

Wow! That mall looks amazing! Keep up the awesome work. I really can’t wait for the release.

I remember when you first posted the video about this. Cool to see that you’re going for it now.

The park and the alley next to it:

It looks better ingame, it’s hard to take good looking pictures without fov cvars.

The mall is a bad idea.
Maps with malls always die. It is curse I tell you!

I would like to help but im not a good mapper so u wont get Valve Details.

What u need? Houses? buildings?

This looks bloody amazing.

Cant wait to see a beta.

i suck to this :o

@DontDoShit: Thanks for your interest but that looks a bit too simple (one texture for the whole building, no geometry sticks out) and there are misaligned textures. Apart from that I’ve exceeded my own expectations and I think I’m able to finish the visual part on my own.

However, the map will always stay unplayable until I find someone who can write the vscripts for it.

Not too much to show today, only the convenience store:

(I see the streetlight is hovering in the last picture, consider it already fixed)