Cassandra from Soulcalibur IV

Can someone help me port face- and fingerposableCassandra into GMod? I’m sure many people including myself would appreciate it… Some guy has it but doesn’t want to share it

well from what i heard, he was gonna release it HERE… on facepunch upon completion but some GAY douche!! … pissed him off so that was it, lost forever.

there you go facepunch douchbags!

Crap…Okay then can someone port a new one? I’m sure the file for the models and whatnot are floating around somewhere

She’s been ported to XNA Lara, so there’s at least a starting point:

No he was never going to release it…he was just saying that to piss people off. And chill out dude, it’s just a ragdoll.

i guess this place IS called facepunch for a reason… I aint gonna say because the good people knows. well whatever the case it doesnt matter now cause he aint replying to no ones email or messages about that topic. I have both sophi and cassandra fully poseable on xnalara anyways, i dont need them in gmod. xnalara is way more poser friendly than gmod.

An AWESOME ragdoll…And I think you can do funnier/wierder shit on Gmod and switch stuff around too

There’s this dude on DeviantArt called “gagem” who has a fully poseable Cassandra model. All he ever does with it though is make rape-y kidnapping fetish poses with her though. Sucks that he’s the only one who’s got it.

I tried contacting a former FP member who’s on DA to try to get him to share it, but then he got all pissed off at me because I called him a pervert. (can you blame me?)

So all we’re left with is pictures like this. It’s like he’s taunting the rest of us or something. He’s had the models this long, what the hell is he waiting for?

But surely someone can just make a new one and release it? I don’t mind waiting a few weeks or months but I gotta know if someone is making a new one!

Possibly, but do you know of anyone willing to do that right now? I don’t.

Yeah that’s another problem…

Just for the things you say in that time, & repeat them again doesn´t help actually :confused:

with enough resources, you can do the same with xnalara too.

Not really. Mostly due to hardly having any lightning control, really bad visual feedback and pretty broken materials as well as good scene composition. Also no rendering effects likes sdoff or post colour processing.

There’s a reason why they tend to have tutorials on exporting the entire scene into a 3d package an rendering stuff in there. With correct lightning.

XNA also doesn’t support any morph targets which makes using facial animation a pain. More or less the only benefit is preset poses if you have a shared skeleton. Which makes it incredible simple to pose models when you’re lazy.

Though it’s not like you couldn’t do the same in gmod, either using setanimation on actors or advduping and replacing the models. It’s just frowned in the screenshot and posing community here, since it shows lazyness.

It also doesn’t help, that the entire XNA model community is essentially supported by something like 3 or four people who provide the vast majority of their models.

I agree with you, making facial expression it´s hard, i´m trying to learn, but i don´t get on that bcz gmod i´t more easier to pose models than XNALara.

Sure there are good & amazing models that on Gmod we don´t have (yet) that´s the only reason i use XNALara for now.

lighting control and post color is already possible, if you use xnalara you would know.

more from xnalara:

This request turned into a debate between gmod and xnalara users :stuck_out_tongue:

nah, it ends here… sorry for thread jacking, just got carried away.

No prob i love a good debate which doesn’t involve multiple vulgarities being used to slam the guy. These kinda debates actually have some sense.