Castle Crashers

Blood looks badly pasted and is overlapping the blurred flower close to the camera and the posing on the Archer is off, his right arm should be higher than that and the bow should be closer to his eyesight.

They’re nice skins though and the DoF is nice and overall the posing is too.

Hunter. ily. plz.

Kind of wonky posing. Skins, DoF, lighting, and editing are top notch though.

to you disagreers and dumbers: these points are valid and true and should be noted

Pretty much what Joazzz said.

You got a little lazy with your hand posing, especially on Ice Knight. Poison night seems kinda…gay? his hips are at a weird angle and his arm seems kinda, limp. But regardless i think it is an awesome picture, i disagree with ghost about the blood, i think it looks great. Making it part of my desktop background now. Good job bro.

This is fucking beautiful.