Castlevania Lord Of Shadow II -Convert model from XNALARA-

Good evening everybody,

I introduce myself I am again among you, I nome Kyle Neaj.

I have known site is seeking a solution to convert my 3D Castlevania models. Finding no answer that suits me I signed in order to present my concerns.

Here, I have all the models extracted from the game via BSM:

Now that I have in my possession all model, I need to convert size “PSK” with Noesis.
However I have not the script on Noesis, the script that allow myself to read my models and convert them to PSK.

One gave me a script for blender blender however shows me an error message when I use it the script:

If anyone can help me that will allow me to achieve my Castlevania Lord Of Shadows II project for the community of XNA.


Here is the format of a file, the file is dds texture

Thank you in advance, and my apologies for my english.

Do not hesitate to come on my deviantart or contact me on my facebook page.



Well since you have all those models in you possession I demand you to share them in this topic.

You’re in no position to make demands here. You can easily find the models yourself by doing a Google search for the XNALara ports yourself, so don’t just go barging into other people’s threads and making demands.

So I’ll make it simple, I broke the head for etxract the model myself.

  1. -So if you want the models, you’re polite and you ask privately.

  2. -I waithing a response in report to my request, not a demand as badly formulated.

  3. -So much that I could not convert my models I would give nothing

Neukenn and one last thing, I think my models that I would give them to the person who shall have deserved. You doubt that you get nothing.

Otherwise thank you to you Katra804 if ever you can help or find a solution that would not hesitate to forward me to share.

The only solution I’ve found for converting models from XNALara over to something like GMod or SFM is to use the XNALara model viewer to export the model as a .OBJ file. I don’t know if it can export to other model formats (I honestly don’t use XNALara that often to know for sure), but I do know that you can at least get the model itself by exporting it as a .OBJ; the only real downside is that it won’t retain the rigging, so you’ll probably need to address that when you can. If you’re wanting to retain the rigging, however, I think someone actually posted a guide around here somewhere in another thread. I don’t really have time to look, but I do know that it should be somewhere here in the modelling section.

Thank you to you for this information, I will continue my research.
I will keep you posted^^


I do not know if you have seen this, but here’s a tutorial on conversion.

I have not tried this myself. Good luck!