Castlevania "Stackable Map" Castle Hall

A „stackable“ Map from Castlevania-Reverie DLC
-The Castle Hall-









Accuracy Tool:


Original Model by Mercury Steam

this is an incredible concept and you pulled it off very nicely, very well done to you Mask

Truely brilliant, and the Castle Hall itself looks absolutely superb!

We just need a better model of Simon and a model of the Vampire Killer now.

Very nice, I’ll say, although I do have a question that might already be obvious, is this compatible to SFM to an extent?

yes. it’s compiled with $mostlyopaque.
the map will build itself in sfm.
simply spawn 01-04 without moving the camera and it’s done.

DL for the sfm users of you (facepunch doesn’t let me edit my post):

Nice job!


I made something with this because it’s cool.