Castro's Final Compilation

I’ve decided that I want to make the jump to Source Filmmaker, and I want to share with you what I think are my best screenshots, edits and all of my milestones in my use of Garry’s Mod.

So here’s how this is going to work, I’ll spread this out through multiple posts with ten pictures each and some music to accompany it only because I wanted to share what I was listening to mostly at the time.


After posting shitty shit to Xfire I find these forums and their Garry’s Mod screenshots section. I jump in with the below screenshot where Hairybastard, ChestyMcGee, and TheVman introduce me to GIMP, I then use Vman’s tutorial and start spitting edits and images out. Scout put!.jpg

At this time, I never was into music, but the only CD I had at the time was The Killers’s Sam’s Town.

And here are my first GIMP edits not posed by me. 2.jpg

Everything past this point is by me. edit.jpg scenebuild.jpg edit.jpg (7).jpg

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[h2] 2009-still[/h2]
and holy shit everyone on Facepunch was obsessed with Daft Punk even more than they are today and so I checked them out and-
First dabble in Electronic music outside of Newgrounds, it was pretty awesome.

My first ban! Does anyone remember when we were making parody threads about that troll, Mary?

First time I make a background for Gmod 10

I know this isn’t 10, but this concludes 2009 for me.

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[h2] Early 2012 [/h2]

A friend and I get in deep with a shitty RP server and I start making screenshots inspired by different events there.

I had just played Bioshock 2, could you tell?

and now the rest

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[h2] Mid-2010 [/h2]

Get with the Personal Skins thread and my first ever favorite artist, Matthew Dear, releases his fourth album.

shit was good, even if I was monstrously depressed through most of the year.

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I loved Nick and The Joker, naturally the merging of these two was the coolest shit ever.

[h2] Late 2010 to 2011, 2012[/h2]

To this day, these two were some of my most popular screenshots, maybe because everything was military poses at the time.

I already posted one, but this is my first screenshot with my new widescreen monitor, it was a great change, so much space!

Saw a clip of Gaspar Noe’s Irreversible, I was hooked.

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Oh god, most of the gmod media subforums merged, at first it was the worst shit ever.

oh shit it’s

[h2] DEATH GRIPS [/h2]


I hope that video never leaves my side.

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I was so excited to hear that one of my screnshots made it into the background rotation for Gmod 13

I guess that will be my most lasting impact on something that made such a large impact on me.

Some of that was in 2013

this section is now

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Ok, I’ll be back in a minute to post Edits that were not posed by me and then comics.

Holy shit

You’re not out of this yet!

Ok time for

[h2] Edits not posed by me[/h2]

If any of these are posed by you, then just say so.
Now let’s get some Elvis Costello in this bitch.

These are going to be in a various order.’%20dude.jpg

This was my first ever muzzle flash, good times.

Your story shall be told long after you are gone.


Ok, it’s time for [h2]comics[/h2], or my immense failures.

Deserters or Stories from Deserters.
My first idea for a comic and first successful posting of one.
In this post-apocalyptic setting, there would have been multiple points of view, a bounty hunter, a mutant, a prisoner with digital information burned into his cornea, a militia group, escaped prisoners, but mainly from two people who fled from a toxic ,underground city. Hence, Deserters. The first one I posted had no room for a follow-up so I eventually didn’t bother. Also I’m not posting the pages because I think the editing and formatting were really bad.

The title was inspired by this song from Matthew Dear

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This is what I’d like to call the Block 12 comics, They were my first comics and they went through many iterations and titles, but they were almost all about the same thing, and you’ll notice. I’ll post them in order of creation.

The Last King of Block 12. I wrote myself into a hole with these, because I didn’t write them, I made them on the fly. This version was about an elderly man in a futuristic prison, his only escape is within his own dreams. After the first issue, he is introduced to his new cellmate, a young Hispanic man. It would eventually be revealed that the entire prison is a dream as well and that the old man is actually in a coma and being held prisoner by his own mind, the Hispanic, Carlos, was a doctor attempting to merge into the dream and free the main character.

looks like we’re gonna lose a damn good poser today

Maximum Cool Adventures

This is my second attempt at a Block 12 type comic, it was kind of interactive and then it flopped hard.
It was about an old man named Grey, he was living on a prison colony, his cellmate, Marco would become friends and a vengeful crimelord from another planet would go after Marco for the death of his son, and Grey would follow along. Somehow this would end with a dying Grey killing Marco. I eventually tried to rehash is as a non-interactive comic with proper editing and a new title, Bits and Pieces, based on the how Marco would lie or give a little information about himself as possible. (3).jpg (4).jpg (3).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (4).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg
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Dick Head, a futuristic detective noir comic, lost motivation after gmod 13 crashed during shooting because I walked through a wall.

Good Son
This comic went through two iterations under the same title, but were never completed.
The main character searches for his brother in the city against his father’s will, he discovers that his brother is an underground cosmetic surgeon and his father is a retired mob boss, and now the current mob wants them both dead, one of the brothers would die, I just didn’t know who. Also the assistant, Foster, he would die early on to start off the mafia plot.

V1 (2).jpg

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I gave Hunter credit for giving me the title.


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Two yuppies accidentally kill their boss, stuff happens in black in white. The formatting on that one sucks as well so have these frames.

Ok, so this last one, this was my absolute favorite to work on, even if I didn’t finish it.


A story about a Southern California serial killer eventually losing his composure and instead of killing starlets, he turns on his unsuspecting wife at the finale.
The comic would rely heavily on detailed descriptions of the murders and showing only small parts of them.

And on that cheery note. I would like to thank everyone who has viewed, rated, and advised my work, I had you all in mind when I made all of this.
Thank you.

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btw that first early 2012 part is supposed to say 2010, I’d change it but I’m tired and I don’t want to lose all the videos posted.

Outstanding. You improved so much. Thanks for archiving all of this, it’s amazing work.

Your environmental poses are magnificent.

Literally one of my favorite people on here.

Ok, since t tags break image links for me, I’m turning all comic pages into URLs for easier viewing.

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That was from half-dead’s casual pack I believe.

excellent compilation brother. your progression really shows

and pretty much this.

literally my fav screenshot ever

god bless mate