Casual Cars


I figured that we need something good for RP as far as vehicles.

Sadly, I can only find sports cars and such, things nobody would drive casually.
So, if anybody would be considerate enough to help, then maybe we can finnaly have casual cars. And if some already exist, could you give me a link. Trust me, I’ve searched.

So, much appreciated. And if you don’t have something good to say, don’t post.

How about you actually start using that Garry’s mod account you have tagged in your profile.

I wouldn’t say the Sickness pack was just filled with “sports cars and such” either.
It’s got a lot of casual cars too.

This here, in the releases section, which leads me to an assumption that either you’re really shitty at searching stuff, or you’re actually lying and didn’t search for a bit.

Okay, first of all, I already have the first pack. It had like six normal cars.

Second, I ignored that thread because I thought it was the same one as it was on, which was a virus instead, and it wasn’t his upload, so i thought the thread was a sham.


I was also going to post I didn’t search the FP forums, I only searched, which wasn’t a good idea.