I am making a map, themed after catacombs, for my English project on 'The Cask of Amontillado", and making a video of what happens in the book inside the game. I need help on the actual map-making part. I need a link to textures, models, whatever. Tips would help too. Oh, and you can be an actor (pm me).

Huh, what a coincidence I read that just yesterday.

That’s a good site for what you’re looking for, assuming you already know how to make custom textures.

Woah, triple coincidence, I was just assigned to read that this weekend.

Nice I like the site! Wait what…? That’s not good. Can you help me with that? I can make a bump map… kinda, but they don’t show up in game.


How is it a triple coincidence, though?

post your vmt

Vmt or Vmf? I can post the vmf right now, but vmt is on other computer.

vmf is your map file, vmt is your material type file. I want your vmt to see if you are properly referencing your textures and using the right shader.


and make sure your textures are in vtf format, not tga or jpg…

oh wait, if your textures are on another computer, how do you expect them to appear on the computer you are using right now? The texture must exist in the computer you are running the map from.

Ok, got them-- I have three vtfs along with their vmts: ice_tex, ice_tex_normal, and ice_tex_dudv.
The vmt of ice_tex (the one I try to put in my map):

	"$normalmap" "Users/Penguin/Pictures/CSS Tex/ice/ice_tex_normal"
	"$dudvmap" "Users/Penguin/Pictures/CSS Tex/ice/ice_tex_dudv"
	"$surfaceprop" "Ice"

It looks horrendous… 'cause it’s flat. And it doesnt refract either.
I didn’t quite understand your question. I’m still creating a map and testing it, but it doesn’t have this in it though.

I read that story last year, have fun with that.

Only one .vmt is required.

$normalmap and $dudvmap paths begin under the materials directory where the .vtf files should be. I’m assuming this isn’t the case right now.

"$model" "1"

This may need to be added to the .vmt.

A brush using this material will need to be tied to an entity to function properly. Func_brush will do.

One question: How do I pick up a crowbar encased (not fully) in a func_brush? I’m trying to make a ‘torch’, and I already stripped weapons.

custom viewmodel with the same filename as the crowbar.

You mean a model? No way, I can’t make that, unless someone is willing to contribute. Oh, and I almost finished the map. All that is left is the crowbar.

EDIT: goddamn, I suck at modeling. tried to make a torch but it ended up looking like a dildo with teeth marks in it.

You need a


You only use one vmt, the normal and dudv things point to vtfs, not vmts

well, I don’t see any other way of convering up a view model (a view model is something that is up close to the player and has rendering priority over everything else, such as world models) as it renders over everything.

r_drawviewmodel 0?

I wasn’t really planning on using first-person at all, at least not for most of the scene(s). View models aren’t used in third-person, so what about just making all of the scene(s) third-person, except the ones with the torches. What about SWEPS?



never knew that existed…


then again, I never had a reason to know that existed :v:

YES! Thanks, kudos to you. This and r_vgui 0 helped me a lot. I finished the video btw. I’m gonna go work on the texture.

Sorry for the bump.