Cataloging the Wasteland

Could’ve used a bit more grass, and the sky looks like a white neon sheet.

The horizon of the map had that effect regardless of bloom or color setting. It’s similar to the effect one might get on a foggy morning.

If you could direct me to a grass pack I would gladly overuse it. I’m working with mostly what’s been available through the in-game download system.

Pokemon SNAP: Undead edition

What map is it?

i just loove this one!


Can you give me a link? I can’t find it.

Despite the sky, I’m liking this.

The gun looks kind of like it’s floating, but the rest of it is very good. I like it!

Oh, and sorry for the bump. But since it’s still on the first page, it’s fair game. :v:

Actually, thanks for the bump, kartoffel. I meant to link this thread a while ago and never got around to it. There’s a bunch of great foliage and stuff to be found there.

Oh! You’re welcome. :smile: