Catastrophic errors

While playing Rust, or sometimes just as I begin to join a server, my computer crashes, leaving me with a randomly coloured screen, an audio loop of the last .1 seconds of sound I heard (often my friends talking in a video call on skype, or a hatchet sound) and general dismay. I am unsure of what is causing these crashes, as I have all options kept at normal levels. I tried playing around with the graphics and anti-aliasing options, but nothing helped. I also experienced these crashes when the game was still played in browser. Please respond with a broad spectrum answer to the problem, or tell me what specs/info I need to post to get help with my problem. Thank you all in advance, whoever can help me out, I would really appreciate the assistance.

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Please, do tell me what sort of information might be needed. I can post whatever is required, I just want some assistance.

I can only say that something similar happen to me with my ATI card, where it caused screen artifacts and crashed PC with BSOD, I resolved it by installing older drivers.

Hmm, weirdly I’m not getting a BSOD type of issue. Instead of text appearing or windows actually acknowledging a crash, I just get a screen of a solid colour. Typically black, but I have got screens where it froze on pink or orange or blue, kinda strange.

Post your CPU, ram, video card, and video driver version, please.

16gb of ram
nvidia geforce 660 TI
Intel® Core™ i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
Windows 7 x64 premium
Geforce R331 Game Ready Driver version 331.65

Hope that helps!

Hm, those are the latest stable Nvidia drivers. I don’t want to recommend downgrading them as a first step, because that’s a tad drastic.

Try doing this. Prepare for Rust to crash everything by shutting everything else down, and then try and trigger a big light show/crash by launching Rust. Reboot your computer if you get it to seize up.

Go into Control Panel, then into Administrative Tools, and pull up the Event Viewer. We want the System log, but it’s likely going to have tons of crap in it, so hit filter and check Critical, Warning, and Error and click ok to get rid of the other, less important entries.

Look for any entries at the top that would correspond with the time just before the reboot. There may or may not be anything relevant, but if there is, please tell me. Note, event logs contain a ton of info, much of it we don’t need to care about. This is what I need:

  • The text in the box under the General tab (e.g. “The system encountered an error and blah. The error code was 203 with internal state 7bbc35”)

  • The Source (a word or number)

  • The Event ID (a number)