"Catch up! We've gotta get out of here!"

First edit in over a year.

These rebels decided to cut through the outskirts of Ravenholm on their way to City 17. Not such a good idea.



I wanted to use a ragdoll for the first person view, but couldn’t quite manage it.

Also, just because I really like his pose:


“Going as fast as I can!”

I really like the posing

Shading’s nice

I like Heinz.

Posing and editing are nice, though I don’t like the CS:S view model thing. Would have been better if you just posed a first person view, in my opinion.

Hey, um … quick question:
were you goin’ to submit this as a contribution for Dominos “FPS”-Contest or was it made just for fun ?

Eh. Maybe.

Wasn’t really thinking about it.

Oh, Okay.

I just asked because, technicly, the contest is over but there were only 4 contributions and 3 got disqualified for being late (me included.)
So I was wondering, if there were even other contributions and how they were submitted.
Because up until now, I only see 1 contestant left and that’s not really a contest anymore. :rolleyes:

Anyway …
Sorry to bother you with it. Won’t happen again.
Nice Edits btw. :biggrin:

Oh I was happy you posted.

Thread got bumped.