Category does not exist?

Here is the category code:

	name = "Clone Troopers",
	categorises = "jobs",
	startExpanded = true,
	color = Color(160, 160, 160, 255),
	canSee = function(ply) return true end,
	sortOrder = 1,

Here is the job code:

TEAM_RECRUIT = DarkRP.createJob("Clone Recruit", {
    color = Color(160, 160, 160, 255),
    model = {"models/player/testc/cgi cadet.mdl"},
    description = [[You are untrained.]],
    weapons = {"tfa_swch_dc15s"},
    command = "recruit",
    max = 0,
    salary = 0,
    admin = 0,
    vote = false,
    hasLicense = false,
    category = "Clone Troopers",
    sortOrder = 1,

Why am I getting this error:

[ERROR] A runtime error has occurred in "your jobs" on line -1.
The best help I can give you is this:

The category of "Clone Recruit" ("Clone Troopers") does not exist!

	- Make sure the category is created with DarkRP.createCategory.
	- The category name is case sensitive!
	- Categories must be created before DarkRP finished loading.

The responsibility for the error above lies with (the authors of) one (or more) of these files:
your jobs
------- End of Simplerr error -------

bump, i’m still having this issue :frowning:

Hello SnappyCo.
Where are you creating these categories?
If you’re creating them in Darkrpmodification, try create them in the darkrp folder.
Located at = Garrysmod/addons/gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/config/jobrelated.lua.

categorises = “jobs”

Not familiar with DarkRP but looking at this code I would imagine you having to take the result from the create category like so:
[lua]CATEGORY_CLONE_TROOPERS = DarkRP.createCategory{
– etc…

And then use it in the createJob:
TEAM_RECRUIT = DarkRP.createJob(“Clone Recruit”, {
– etc…

At least that would make sense to me.