Hi there fellow people of the internet.

So basically what I am trying to do is basically add a new category where I can sort all of my tools in.

I want to do this for my DarkRP server but there is no addon or tutorial on how to do this. I need this new tab to show up for everybody on the server. And also it would be amazing if you can show me how to sort the tools under the new category.

What do you mean by this go into more depth please :what:

What he wants is a new tab in the tool tab, such as “Building”, “Render”,… He want his own tab, then move some tool to that tab
I believe that the tool code should contain the category themselves, just like entity, I could be wrong, haven’t touch it tho

This would be correct. In the left of the Q menu you know how you have tools. I want to create a new category in the tools such as “building tools” and categorize the certain tools I want into that category.

You would need to do some stuff with derma but what you would do I don’t know :frowning:

To change the category your tool is in, go into the tool lua file and change TOOL.Category = “”

Ok that helps me a lot but how would I go about creating a brand new category?

Set all the tool you want with your category name and the game will create the category for u

Oh ok