Cathedral Map

Does anybody know of any good, realistic looking cathedral or large church maps? I’ve been trying to find some and haven’t had much luck.


Good god, a non vide related post from terrenteller.

What about the map from lost coast?

That map is quite inspiring.

Holy shit that’s gorgeous.

Wow, that’s a great map! Thanks!

I know this might not be the place to ask, but I remember seeing a map of an abandoned church quite some time ago, would anybody happen to know what that one was called?

Another great Cathedral map is the Monastery from the old Blade Symphony Beta, featured in this teaser.

You can download the content from the old beta for Gmod here:

Yeah, that map looks great. I’ll try it out!

Both of the download links don’t work. :frowning:

Hopefully someone has the map and can upload it somewhere, because it just looks stunning.

The map was part of a larger pack containing all the maps and assets from the old Blade Symphony Beta, it’s a pretty big file. You’re basically downloading the whole game.

EDIT: haha, found a working link on a Russian site. Download away, folks!

EDIT: Nevermind you got it, thanks!

Well, didn’t you just NAIL IT! :o

The map is beautiful, don’t get me wrong but you can’t actually get into the cathedral.