Catmull/Moving Camera?

I’m not sure if this is the place to ask.

My Catmull Camera addon no longer works, I’m unable to make a track for the camera to follow. The last time I tried it was several months ago, I’m guessing it’s an issue with a gmod update and I can’t find a working alternative in the downloads section.

I’m tempted to try fixing it myself but I’d be learning Lua for the one job. Can anyone help with a working version or an alternative? Thanks.

For reference this is the download for the camera I was using that had worked before.


Define what doesn’t work. Is it errors, or does nothing happen or…

When I place a track of over 3 cameras they dissapear, and if I’m looking toward where I placed any of them I get the repeating errors :

[addons\catmull-rom cameras\lua\entities\sent_catmullrom_camera\cl_init.lua:225] ClientsideModel cannot be called while rendering
[addons\catmull-rom cameras\lua\entities\sent_catmullrom_camera\cl_init.lua:228] attempt to index field ‘GuideCameraGhost’ (a nil value)

I can still use the camera track, but being unable to see where I’ve placed them makes it difficult to find and move them.

I’ll try it myself and see if it works, if it doesn’t, most likely a update broke it.

Found the error, he tried to create entities upon Draw, which apparantly isn’t allowed anymore. I fixed it by adding a small delay. Works like a charm.

Prolly should post this in Lua/Releases and also contact LuaPinapple, Ideally you should ask before releasing a fix as this may tick off some developers.

I’ve used this for a HD test video and its great :slight_smile: thank you for the fix

I had tried to contact LuaPineapple by his email from his readme, for the original catmull addon. I got no reply. I’m sure he’ll be understanding if he finds this fix.

When using the hotfix I tried to record a demo and play it back. I had my tracklayout start from an indoors room and move to an outside part of a map through a doorway, it did work in the demo untill it tried to pass through the doorway, and I get these 2 errors repeating :

[addons\catmull-rom cameras\lua\catmullromcams\sh_catmullrom_spline_controller.lua:85] attempt to perform arithmetic on field ‘?’ (a nil value)
[addons\catmull-rom cameras\lua\entities\sent_catmullrom_camera\shared.lua:422] attempt to call method ‘GetPointData’ (a nil value)

It did work while I was recording the demo, but without the demo I can’t use the sourcerecorder? I don’t know if that problem afflicted the original catmull cameras.

If the problem looks solvable then another fix would be appreciated. Either way, thanks for your work Donkie!

source recorder is known for fucking up gmod lua stuff.

Nice fix Donkie, stopped the error spamming, but the mod still does not work for me. whenever I place 4 down and press the activation key, A big black square still appears in front, blocking the camera view. I had this problem with the original catmullrom mod,
any ideas how to fix it?

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