Catmull Rom Cam serious problems. Please help.

I have tried dozens of times to get this right.

First the problem was that I could not see the codec box at first because I had the game on 1920x1080 fullscreen then I learned you have to put in on windowed mode.

Set up catmull rom cameras placement
Console - Record Testvideo
Then hit the toggle to go into cam mode and it follows the path.
Then I type stop in console.
Then I press shift and F2 for the demo playback UI.
Host_framerate 30
Then type in Startmovie <Name> avi
and select microsoft video codec
Then I go and choose my demo and it plays

A number of problems that I don’t think anyone else has.

It would spam random code in orange to the right to do with catmull rom add-on.
The screen would sort of fade in to white at the start…
I would get a weird reverse video, completely nonsensical…
It almost seems random because it looked like it was going to work : No orange text and no white screen - but white screen fades in the middle of playback.

What is happening. I need to start making a machinima and this is the most important aspect :confused:

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Just to show you how bad this is :

Seriously…come on.


Well first of i want to point out that i almost shitted out a brick when was watching that video and also be more patience.

But from what i can tell i think your should try using different way of recording perhaps fraps or something like that.
I’m not a lua scientist but from my personal experience i know that catmull is a buggy addon and source recorder is buggy as well and combining two buggy things can result pretty bad.