Catmull-Rom Cinema Camera Errors

These errors came up when I spawned the Catmull-Rom Cinema Camera
The Addon:

I also have fix-patchs installed:
Patch 1:
Patch 2:

These are the errors with a short description:
Hook ‘Admin Only Tools’ Failed: [@addons\paint remover\lua\weapons\gmod_tool\stools\paint_remover.lua:36] bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got function)
Pops up when spawning the Catmull Camera and other tools

[gamemodes\sandbox\entities\weapons\gmod_tool\stool.lua:93] attempt to index a nil value
Pops up at random; when seeing the animation result

[gamemodes\sandbox\entities\weapons\gmod_tool\stool.lua:92] attempt to index a nil value
Trying to edit the duration, won’t let me edit. This happens when trying to edit on a saved game on a Toybox Map (The Gman’s office from HL2: EP2). This might happen on an overall saved game from any map

Is there anything I can do from my side? Any help will be appreciative.