Catmull-Rom Cinematic Camera Errors

While attempting to film Garrysmod with the source recorder while using the Catmull-Rom Cinematic Camera addon, I came across a few errors/quirks:

  1. Within the first second of hitting the numpad-key to activate the camera’s route, it starts spamming my console with this LUA-yellow text:

CatmullRomCams/sh_catmullrom_spline_controller.lua:85: attempt to perform arithmetic on field ‘?’ (a nil value)

  1. After 15-20 seconds of the camera moving, the screen either:

    A) Tears and Flashes (its just the game, I have it in windowed form).
    B) Turns bright white.
    C) The video freezes.

***When any of these occur, I can still HEAR everything that I’m trying to record.

  1. After I stop the demo, about 50 of these LUA-yellow errors pop up in my console:

entities\sent_catmullrom_camera\shared.lua:422: attempt to call method ‘GetPointData’ (a nil value)

So, needless to say, I’m quite annoyed that a great camera addon such as this has problems working with the source recorder. If anyone has incite of how to fix or avoid these problems, please reply. Thanks!

Here’s a picture of the console after attempting to record:

I second this. got the same problem.

You can’t use the Source Recorder with the Catmull-Rom Cinematic Camera addon. You need to use the “record” command instead to record the game as a raw video file.

So how to make youyr .dem file useable? I want Catmull-Rom Cinematic to work with “startmovie sth avi” command

You can just use startmovie sth?
Then use VirtualDub to put together the .tga files it creates.

Have any of you tried Moving Camera?

It only creates a track for camera keyframes, which you can preview in-game, then record with Fraps if it looks right. No FOV options, but it is relatively bug-free. Sometimes the camera will spin around between keyframes. I can’t get Catmull_Rom cameras to work at all… I get the Lua errors and sometimes I have to reload the map to restore normal view. I found that double-tapping your camera numpad key sometimes gets your view back to normal, but dang, if I could get this addon to work, I could do some cool stuff. I’m surprised that there aren’t more tools like this.

moving camera is good, but compared to this, its meh. also Moving camera has loads of glitches. but my problem is that whenever i try to view my path, the screen goes black. should i reinstall?

Well, don’t use Source Recorder. Use some other nice and stable recorder like Fraps. If it’s still happening, it’s the addon, not the recorder you’re using…