Caught a cheater on Rust.


I recently found a player to be suspicious, So i made an evil plan and sendt in a spy to gain his trust.
My friend streamed everything, and during this “bonding” time. He admitted to use esp, aimbot and everything.
He even admitted the site where he got the cheat, This is all in norwegian, So if any DEV could verify whats being said through a “trusted” translator you’ll get everything you need to permanently bann this person from your game.

I caught him playing on | Pvp on modded list,
His name was Radek, He will probably change his name.

Language of the movie is on Norwegian. I would be happy to translate, if needed.
Ingame Nick: Radec
Steam ID: xuphra
Skype ID: peniskanon2

Here he’s admitting where he bought the cheat, how much it costs, and other games he cheats on.
He even says he has setup his aimbot so he aims to the chest and not the head to “seem” more legit.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))