Caught in the Act. (Spy stealing health kits)

This is my first pic in gmod.

This is better than some of peoples first creations. In your next poses, think about camera angles and work on that posing, Also those TF2 ragdolls can be a bit tricky to pose so you better get the “Better phys for TF2 ragdolls” mod. I cant find a link currently, sorry. Overall, its a good start.

Pretty good for a first pic. Just remember to turn up the graphics in your next poses

I’ll make sure to look for that mod. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before.
The posing was bothering me too. I wasn’t sure if I should change it or leave it alone.
Anyway, thanks for the reply

Turn up your graphics and AA.

Now that’s just silly… No-good posing, painting anything but blood (and even that’s frowned upon a lot, people say the original blood textures suck) is pretty much a no-no.

A pretty random angle. too…

Keep practicing.