Caught in the fight

My friend asked me to do this photo for him.

Anyway, this is my second try at this, so it looks kind of bad.
Three things:

  1. Faceposing is bad, I suck as it.
  2. I have no idea why the bald guy has black hands.
  3. Alyx’s back is most likely broken.

All in-game editing.

Tell me what you think.

whats going on with her body? 0o

Yeah, it didn’t look very good so I tried to move the angle so you couldn’t really see it. But I guess I didn’t position it right.

I like the idea behind it but the execution doesn’t get across the point, camera angle, size of the fight and how it’s developing, map and their positions/where they’re standing at don’t give it the feeling.
You should work on the climax then worry about all the flashyness =]

Thanks, my in-game effects weren’t working properly for some reason, so if I moved the camera in a different spot it wouldn’t focus on Alyx and the bald guy. But thanks anyway :smiley: