Caught ¦SnG¦iDarkZ_ hacking + double video proof!

Hey there,

Me and four more people were on the way (all in full kevlar) to an air drop trying to get it as within half a second 4 of us instantly were death. All it says within our chat was that we were “killed” by ¦SnG¦iDarkZ_ with a headshot. But there haven’t been any shots. So I decided to record our gameplay. Within the next 30 minutes he did it again multiple times as u can see in the linked video.

At 00:00 I was on my way to get some wood near my house. After I hit the wood multiple times I instantly died. As u can see at 00:41 he hasn’t even touched my stuff and looted my full kevlar set & Mp5.

At 00:47 we again tried to get another air drop. You might already know what happened then … at 00:55 you can hear a mate say (sorry its german :)) that he instantly died too, at the same time.

All 5 of us logged out after this, because he totaly ruined the game for us, since THIS kind of gameplay isn’t much fun for us.

Thanks for ruining this great game ¦SnG¦iDarkZ_.

The Link to the video is here:
Make sure to watch in Full HD, so you can read his name in the chat as the kill message appears.

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, missed the hackers thread" - postal))

Oh looks like the gamebreakers have moved from EU to US. They’re bad, really bad.

EDIT: Also that’s n-stepping, not hacking of any kind.

what’s n-stepping, i see people complaining about it constantly.

lag switching, but some uninformed person called it n-stepping.

This isn’t hacking, it’s lag-switching, which isn’t against the rules.

What about:


i am sure this is cheating. He is cheating other players and the server too :wink:

I dont know if they should care about this right now

He did kill our Group aswell, we died all 3 in the same Moment from the same Guy…he turn off internet connection then he shoot all 3 People(they dont move anymore) and if he turn internet again on all 3 Death. If this not against Rules let me know…

How is lag switching not a bannable offense, seriously? It gets console banned on Xbox/ps. So why can’t douche bags that use it get ip banned? There needs to be some kind of consequences for using this, especially with all these videos of people obviously doing it. I’m sitting on 3 videos of people doing this as well. It’s just sad. Such a fun game…so easily ruined.

I could definitely see this being a good enough reason to get banned if the game was released, but it’s Alpha and I’m sure the servers will get wiped numerous times along with everyone’s inventory before launch. Even though I am against this and have had it happen to me too many goddamn times, we’ll just have to do deal with these kids until they fix it.

Why wouldn’t they care? This is an exploit that gives another player an advantage over another.

SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH I AM LEARNING OK?. well we have to see… maybe it was a lag on the server, or just a sudden ping peak

So you think that it’s intended to lag-switch… get real it’s a bug that they are trying to fix, they don’t ban players because they said it was an alpha and they would not punish people for using the bug in the game because it’s their fault if it’s there. Doesn’t mean it’s okay to use them, only baddies would use them because they can’t rely on their skills and need an unfair advantage to win, we call that cowards.

Anyhow, would you guys stop posting those 20 millions thread about lag switching, everyone is aware of it, alot of people are too bad that they need to use it. So just stop talking about it, it will surely be fixed sometimes. It’s not by making a thread like this that you’re going to make it stop.

Exactly a huge advantage. Why get full kevlar and m4’s if one dickhead can take it all away without even confronting you lol. Alpha or not it still takes time to get shit then have it taken away from someone who is Obviously cheating, with the video to back it up.

Double rainbow all the way

This is why you should play on the PvE server if you hate PvP.

Its not about hating PVP, its about hating the ones that abuse exploits in PVP.

I don’t think ban hackers during alpha is a good idea.

First of all, if a lot of player hack, more player will hack.

If one day they throw an anti-hack that record hack using and don’t ban instantly but all in the same time, this game will be purely safe and a lot of hacker would buy the game one each.

It first of all able dev to see what ind of cheat player are using, like speedhack, lag switching or other.

I think, hackers are just idiot that would help the game to go highter.

Hackers should be banned regardless of it being in alpha or beta or full release.

Hacker shouldn’t be banned regardless of dev state.

It’s completly IDIOT !

don’t come here juste for flame cause you get killed by speedhacker, just say ty to the dev’ to let you play on a game in alpha or beta !