Cause I can't see them. I'll do anything to see them.

fuck get down asshole.

i don’t know. it’s … kinda boring.

Looks pretty cool though.

What a let down, that’s one missleading title.

I thought you got out of your happy box of standing soldiers and moved in to a melodramatic scene of a person doing heavy drinking and drugs. Or killing bunch of people because he/she wants to see his/her loved ones again, and will do anything to see them.
In this context it makes no sense.

One does not simply try to argue with me about my title.

One does if one doesn’t simply make any sense.

Why doesn’t it?
It does. He sees them. Cause he wants to.
that’s all. fuck logic

But wouldn’t that imply that not wanting to see them would make them invisible

i use usually commentery
“that look good that nice!”
i mean what i say

atleast the posing is good