'Cause this is THRILLER!

Decided to remake the Thriller setting from Michael Jackson’s video in source.

it’s near completion.


When making trees, light posts, and telephone poles, have them be prop_dynamic_overrides and configure the dynamic shadows to match the light_environment. This way the object will cast very detailed shadows at a minimal cost to compile time and video memory. This might even work with all of the gravestones.

Great work so far.



Well thanks but I don’t see any use to have them as prop_dynamic_overrides as long as they don’t move or animate etc.
Most of the time the shadows get casted wrong and pre-compiled are way better looking and correct.


I beg to differ:


This effect would take a very low lightmap scale to get, and would all-around screw over your compile time, file size, and even map stability if there were enough of them in the map.

Just take my damned advice and try it, because I know I’m right, I know it works, and I’ve done it before.

Probably doesn’t even have a use in your map though because you don’t even have a 2D skybox or light_environment. That doesn’t mean it’s not good advice.

Holy shit, now add a horde of zombies, and louis.

Instant thriller.

Do you intend on making a L4D version of this map? A survival map, perhaps?
That would rock!

While that does look significantly better, it’s still not recommended. Not only are a lot of those combined with the number of special effects he’s adding (like the fog) going to cause some lag, but it also takes up a lot of unnecessary entdata processing. Prop_static is not actually considered a working entity by the engine - it’s just a model and collision box, whereas prop_dynamic is an active entity that takes inputs and outputs.

So, used lightly for certain areas where the shadows should be particularly clear is okay, but not for all or most of the trees, lightposts, and gravestones.

On the actual topic of the map though, it looks very nice. Well-detailed, nice effects, great lighting - I hope to see this go somewhere.

It looks nice, but it’s incredibly hard to render. There’s a reason Source limits the distance dynamic shadows can be cast by default, it’s because they eat up FPS.

It’s okay for a single tree, like in your map, but any reasonable number would really start to slow down.

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Earlier you recommended people making beveled brushes to join walls, which is dumb when you can use a single brush, and now you’re telling people to use dynamic shadows because they’re supposedly cheaper to render than baked lightmaps? You shouldn’t be giving mapping advice really, you’re terrible at it.

Dynamic props are much more expensive to render than static props. They use more entdata, physics resources and memory from the dynamic shadows. They make the compile times lower, but that already shouldn’t be an issue because you can make maps that stretch from one end of the hammer grid to the other and still have compile times less than 20 minutes if you make the map properly.

You do know you can lower lightmap scales on specific brush faces to get highly detailed baked lightmaps, and leave the other faces where a shadow isn’t cast at the default scale, or even make them bigger to offset the more detailed faces.

Nobody should try your advice because it’s pretty bad.