Causes of a Low Server FPS

I’d like a little help from you guys on what usually causes the server FPS to shoot down to below 30 fps. My server always starts out at 66 FPS, but once we get to a full server of 50 players, the FPS will either slowly or instantly shoot down in FPS to below 30 or even below 10, requiring a server restart. I’m running a DarkRP server on an Intel Xeon X5690 (3.47ghz) with 3gb ram, and a 100mbps port running Windows Server 2008 R2. When the FPS does drop, according to windows task manager, I’m not maxing the core srcds runs on, but it is close to it. I’m just wondering if there’s any information on what causes it or if there’s any optimization settings you guys use to keep your servers running stable.


You have to understand, FPS drop isn’t a server thing, it’s a client thing. FPS drop is caused when the client has trouble rendering a lot of content at once on the server. It totally has to do with the optimization of models, the number of models in the player’s view, any special affects and post-processing, high visual settings, and so on. Servers have nothing to do to prevent FPS drop besides preventing certain props from being spawned and using maps that are optimized well.

to be fair, I can imagine connection itself can have a massive impact on FPS (well, it DOES, at least with the game taking a shit or not), but assuming the server has stellar connection, pretty much everything he said.