Causes of join-crashes.

I didn’t mean this as a Held & Support. I’d think of this as a conversation about addon-testing on our many build servers, to find what EXACTLY causes it.

For those who don’t know - what I mean, it’s where the INSTANT someone joins a build server, it crashes. Likely that we’ve all known about it.

Or is it something wrong with the sandbox gamemode?

I’ve seen this on generally every build server that I’ve gone to.

Have this issue on my server. I hardly run it anymore but that’s irrelevant.

The issue is caused by too many Lua files on the server, as far as I know. There may be other causes that I’m not aware of, but I say the best course of action is to remove some of the addons serverside.

I’d have to call that bull-shit, it never happens on anything but a build. No - offense, but please prove me wrong…

It only happens when something’s going on. Sometimes I have to clean up my server before a friend joins just in case. It’s fucking annoying.

It’s probably because GMod eats up resources like a motherfucker, it’s gotta be related to that in a way.

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Curse lua for being inoperable on multiple cores. :bang:

I’m sorry? What do you mean? Because my host just informed me that their new server computers are quad core…


It’s part addons, part computer. Those two are linked together.

I.e. let’s say I have 50 addons. On a supercomputer it might crash on the 200th person, but on the average rental server it might be person #50.

Again, what - the fuck are you talking about?

Garry’s implementation of Lua doesn’t run on more than one core.

this happens alot and heres the cause to many lua files over flow the system garry broke somthing now lua files don’t delete after use they just build up until the server crashes

…they aren’t supposed to delete.

He meant how they’re being run. As in, a file might say to run something ONE time, one minute after the server starts. Except once this is done, the script is kept running to say null, after it’s ended.

Is that what you meant, flippy?

Except it doesn’t.

I used to run a listen server. It wouldn’t even start eventually, my GMod was so loaded with Lua. I deleted some addons, and then it would start and then crash when one guy joined. Cleaned GMod and tested with no addons, it worked fine. It happens on Spacebuild as well. You’re not the only person trying to host a server here, you know.

lavacano pretty much summed up my case.