Cave Johnson?

“I don’t want your damn lemons!” What I do want is a ragdoll of Cave Johnson.

<Preferably this. Someone with talent make it or hex a character from HL2 or something and reskin it. I don’t want your damn hate comments, what am I supposed to do with them?

A citizen reskin with Breen’s suit would probably work if you can find a citizen with a vague enough resemblance to him.

The prerelease Cave Johnson looked way cooler though.

They made him look like a faggot in all the paintings in the actual game.

Prerelease Cave would probably be easier to make, since it’d just be some kind of mix between Gman and Male_08, with a black suit.

Pre-release Cave looks like Hargreave from Crysis.

Portal 2 Cave Johnson looks more manly.


No, bad post, bad.

Oh god the images in my mind.

the most stupid comment i ever saw wheres the “Dumb winner” icon?

BRB making it.

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