Caveman in Rust?

I was playing rust on a vanilla rust server with nobody on it but me, and as I was getting wood, I got hit by something. So i turned around, and saw it. It looked like the regular guy you play as, but it was slouched over, it had a big beard, and it was holding a rock. I would have taken a picture, but it killed me.

Is what I’m explaining just a part of the game I didn’t know about?

zomg its herobrine!!!



Here we call it LSD.

I’m all for a good Herobrine story but, as with the rest of the internet, pics or it didn’t happen. :zoid:

I hate to tell you this, Sun, but… Everybody, without exception, whose seen Beardybrine has died shortly thereafter. In real life. When they’re found, it looks as though something bashed in their head with a blunt object.

I don’t know how to help you. I think your only hope is to hide inside a ramp, that most holy of places that the Gods saw fit to make impervious to threat. Be safe, Sun.

…oh god…

He’s evolving. Now he can use rocks.

sigh You forgot to include an appropriately mysterious death message…

Me and My group were going to raid a base we knew was inhabited. when to the corner of my eye, is see a naked rocking a tree, too far away i thought, as i was the team’s CQB guy with the shotty, when i see another naked come up behind, and savage him, but… there was something…Differnt about the attacking naked, he was slouching, i thought about relaying the info to my team, but we were almost at their base, so i said nothing. Looks like i’m not the only one who saw BeardyBrine.:tinfoil:

Maybe it came out in the update that came out a few days ago.

i think we have bigger problems than rocks…

he’s getting bold…and has leather pants!


Mother Of God…

That martial art like stance… I think Chuck Norris started playing Rust. He made the game generating a bearded player model for him. Probably just by starring intensely at the screen.

lol he had hair

so you are saying he has also learnt to shave his head and trim his beard?!


What the actual fuck

funny shit right there XD