Caveman servers

I would be interested in caveman servers, as I think it would fit in with Rust well. By caveman, I am essentially saying no guns and c4. Melee weapons could become more prevalent, bow use would be increased, and hybrid weapons could be added such as spears which could be thrown or used as melee. Basically a server option to say no guns and C4. It would likely be most suitable for PvE servers but could also be applied to PvP for noobs who want to learn and experience the game without being griefed by an M4 bandit. It would be very easy to add this option to servers (emphasis on OPTIONAL)

Does anyone think this would be cool?

If you like this idea, what are some new weapons you think would be good?
Such as spears, slingshots (shoot rocks), etc.

It could also allow the addition of Monsters/enemies that would be intense PvE action (that would be too trivial with guns) such as mammoths, or mountain lions or something.

If youre interested in one, then purchase a server and set it up.

Is it possible to add new weapons etc. to the game and turn off guns?

Adding new weapons, no, not at the moment. Removing the ability to craft or find guns can be accomplished through the use of (unsupported) community-made plugins.

At this point, modding the client (which would be required to add a new weapon model) will get you VAC banned. All mods are server-side at the moment.

When the game is complete it will be open source and the modding will take the game in many different directions. It’s possible it could go in this direction which would be an interesting one.


Where and when did garry say this?

He mentioned it over game chat about a week ago. I believe it was him with how professional he was talking but whether or not you want to believe it is up to you. Everything he talked about is confirmed over the dev blog. This was the only new thing mentioned.

Will the whole game be open-source, or are the APIs going to be open? Because those are two different things, and modding can definitely work very well with a proper set of APIs without needing to dig into the full source.

It’s not impossible, but that was slightly unexpected.

He didn’t give any details, he simply said when the game is complete it will be open source to modding.

I had one called caveman life. no one was interested. they wanted M4s and Bolts or they werent happy

Give it time, I can’t stand modern weapons and I hear plenty of people that don’t like them either. I haven’t had time to play but if people aren’t happy in a server that states only rustic weapons, then they can leave. Plenty of servers out there that have them.