Caveman Simulator!

There is a great base for a game here, my suggestion is to remove Guns, Zombies and other modern things and turn it into a Primitive/Medieval Survival game with hunter gathering involved.

First the melee combat would have to be sorted etc but it could be really fun. Griefing wouldn’t be as much as a problem also.

Weapons like, Swords, Clubs, Crossbows, Shields, Spears can be crafted.


They are getting rid of zombies as the game progresses. But in my opinion I like having guns, but I think they are too easy to get and people have too many of them

Well I don’t know about you, but I run around yelling “Unga bunga” anyways.

This is actually post apocalyptic, so makeshift guns and melee weapons, and nuclear creatures will make the game great!